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Areas of specialisation

More training areas to guarantee more opportunities

ITS Northern Adriatic’s training offer is divided into different areas of specialisation, developed according to the skills currently most in demand by companies and the evolution of technological scenarios in industry.

Software Architectures Area

The current ICT model paradigm: web development, frameworks, api, cloud, IoT, IIoT

Senior Cloud Developer Technician

It designs and implements the DB and software interfaces (APIs, microservices) to access and manage data and information through cloud services and infrastructure. It ensures the realisation and deployment of software solutions from the point of view of functionality, security, reliability and performance.

Senior IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Technician

It is specialised in Industry 4.0 applications, aimed at the collection, management and presentation of data collected by machines and industrial plants for the control of production processes. It defines the most appropriate IoT protocols to interconnect sensors, microcontrollers, PLCs and automation systems, with equipment and software systems for filtering, storing and processing data in the field or with cloud infrastructures. It creates web interfaces for presenting data in the form of panels and dashboards.

Digital Transformation Area

Digital technologies for business competitiveness: enabling technologies, Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0, MES, ERP, integration, digital innovation

Senior Technician 4.0

It contributes to the realisation of digital integration projects between the different sectors and information systems of a company: production plants, production control systems, management, procurement and distribution systems. On the basis of well-established skills in software development technologies, it deals with external suppliers of complex IT solutions and designs and develops simpler ones directly.

Management Area

IT resource, process and information management: cybersecurity, DevOps, data management, data analysis

Senior Cybersecurity Specialist Technician

It constantly monitors and measures the security levels of all IT resources (hardware, software and human resources) and anticipates and manages vulnerability and risk situations. Contributes to the dissemination of a culture of awareness and safety by systematically providing information and training to users.

Metaverse Area

The Web: real and virtual worlds: UX design, digital communication, web marketing, multimedia, virtual/mixed/augmented reality

Senior Web Analytics Technician

Starting with the study of the competitive environment, it participates in the different stages of digital marketing activities and the design of communication strategies through online platforms, finally focusing on the analysis and evaluation of results. They have particularly strong skills in the entire web analytics process and autonomously and effectively manage sources, metrics, methods and tools for analysis and reporting.

Manufacturing Technology Area

Technologies for the implementation, control and integration of automated industrial production systems: mechanical technologies, Lean Manufacturing, IoT applications, Industry 4.0, enabling technologies, machine learning, project management

Senior Smart Production Technician

It contributes to the management of production processes by applying techniques based on lean manufacturing and 4.0 enabling technologies, which allow for the integrated management of automated, digitised and interconnected systems, with particular reference to processing in the wood-furniture, plastics and glass sectors. They possess mechatronic skills, which include the ability to solve production problems at a multidisciplinary level, necessary for programming industrial automation systems. Using CAD and rapid prototyping systems. Through timely data collection and analysis, it participates in projects to improve productivity, quality, safety and energy efficiency, with a view to eliminating waste and reducing costs.

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