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Digital Solutions 4.0 Senior Technician 2023-2025

About this course

What is the Digital Solutions 4.0 Senior Technician?

The Digital Solutions 4.0 Senior Technician is a course designed to train highly qualified professionals in the area of digital solutions for Industry 4.0. The main focuses include I-IOT, robotics and smart technologies, edge and cloud computing.


Students acquire advanced skills in the design and development of I-IoT solutions, using cutting-edge technologies such as sensors, actuators, wearable devices and wireless networks also for information exchange. In addition, with a view to industrial automation, students learn to handle large amounts of data and use advanced analytics techniques to extract useful information from such data efficiently and quickly.


The course covers topics related to Industry 4.0, such as collaborative robotics, augmented reality and digitisation of production processes. The aim is to acquire skills in the design and development of industrial automation systems, manage cloud-based infrastructures and use technologies such as edge computing.


The professional figure coming out of the Digital Solutions 4.0 Senior Technician course is in charge of the following operational activities:

  • Back-end developer specialising in applications for the collection, management and presentation of data gathered with IoT devices from machines and industrial plants of the Industry 4.0 generation.
  • Is particularly involved in manufacturing production processes and energy systems.
  • Defines the most suitable IoT protocols and platforms to interconnect sensors, microcontrollers, PLCs, automation and preventive maintenance systems.
  • Develops software systems for filtering, storing and processing data in the field (Edge computing) or with cloud infrastructures.
  • Creates web panels and dashboards for the concise presentation of industrial process monitoring data.


Courses are activated subject to approval by the FVG Region

  • Identifies and configures how to connect sensors, intelligent devices, microcontrollers, automation systems and PLCs
  • Designs, develops and manages software components for device interfacing, data pre-filtering, communication with remote control systems
  • Designs, develops and manages web and cloud interfaces for the control of systems and plants and for the management and analysis of collected information
  • Designs, develops and engineers individual components for IIoT applications
  • Develops components for the integration of traditional and 4.0 automation systems
  • Collaborates proactively in teams dealing with development and evolutionary maintenance of software solutions also through the application of Agile methodologies
  • Coding: C#, .NET, C, Python
  • DB: Postgres/MSSQL, DB noSQL, Time Series DB
  • Sviluppo web: Html5, CSS, Javascript, Node.js
  • Connettività e protocolli IoT: MQTT, AMQP, CoAP
  • Standard industriali e soluzioni IIoT: PLC, OPC, I2C, SPI, Modbus, microcontrollori, Raspberry PI, Node-Red
  • Cloud: AWS, MS Azure
  • Gestione progettuale: Git, metodologie Agile (Kanban, Scrum), Trello, Google Suite

The developer is by far the most sought-after job profile in the ICT market. Can be hired by:

  • software houses, particularly oriented towards the development of Industry 4.0 solutions
  • digital transformation consultancy companies
  • system integrators
  • ICT departments of typically medium to large industrial companies
  • design and industrial automation companies

The typical position is back-end developer specialising in I-IoT technologies. However, the skills acquired, also in relation to personal preferences and inclinations, and professional experience allow evolution towards:

  • Front-end Developer, Full stack Developer, Web app Developer, Mobile Developer
  • Database Admin, Data Specialist
  • Notebook on loan free of charge for the duration of the course (indicative features: 15″ display, Core i7, RAM 16GB SSD 512GB)
  • Personal Google Workspace account ( with access to all Google services
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services accounts for access to related cloud services and resources
  • Possibility of scholarships, accommodation, international mobility grants and catering services through ARDIS call for applications (
  • Voucher for female students to reimburse annual tuition fees (if regularly attending)


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