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About us

Post-graduate specialised training that really opens the door to the world of job opportunities

We are a Higher Technical Institute established as a Foundation, offering postgraduate excellence in the field of IT and digital. We are based at the Consorzio Universitario di Pordenone. Established in 2010, we represent one of the first educational institutions active in ICT in Italy.

Our courses focus on software development, Cybersecurity, web and digital communication, Industry 4.0. The competences are those of the e-CF framework, an international standard for the ICT sector.

We develop qualified and well-rounded professionals through advanced teaching programmes, monitored by MIUR, in which technical specialisation, focused on the development of operational solutions to problems and on teamwork, is complemented with broader, cross-disciplinary knowledge, indispensable today, which stimulates a fruitful interdisciplinary approach and educates on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The figures that make ITS Alto Adriatico a winning choice

71% Two-month ICT employment rate
91% Employment rate at 12 months 95% of which employment in ICT / consistent pathway
80% ICT professional teachers
350 Companies involved in internships over the last three years
1.200 hours Classroom and workshop activities
800 hours Company internship

What are Higher Technical Institutes?

The Higher Technical Institutes are schools of excellence with a high degree of technological specialisation, organised according to the participation foundation model in cooperation with companies, universities, research centres and local authorities. There are currently 106 ITS Foundations active in Italy in 6 different technological areas.

Specialising is the best option.

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