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Senior Cybersecurity Specialist Technician 2022-2024


About this course

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks and programmes from digital attacks. These are usually aimed at accessing, processing or destroying sensitive information, as well as extorting money from users or disrupting normal business processes. However, these are not the only sources of threats to information systems: failures, accidental events and irresponsible or improper use of resources and tools can compromise or destroy information managed by ICT systems.

Cybersecurity applies to various contexts, from business to mobile computing, and can be divided into several categories, including network, application and information security, operational security, disaster recovery and business continuity, as well as training and end-user awareness.

Why is it essential?

Globally, cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly and the number of data breaches increases every year. A report by Risk Based Security shows that, in 2019 alone, as many as 7.9 billion records were exposed to data breaches, more than double (112%) the number of records exposed in the same period in 2018.

As the scale of cyber threats continues to increase, International Data Corporation predicts that by 2022, worldwide spending on cybersecurity solutions will reach as much as USD 133.7 billion. Governments around the world have responded to this increase in cyber threats by publishing guidance to help companies implement effective cybersecurity procedures.

The profile: in brief

By configuring, testing and disseminating a culture of awareness, it ensures the security of an organisation’s ICT infrastructure, services and data.


Implements and ensures the security of an organisation’s infrastructure, ICT services and data. Through planning, configuration and testing activities, it constantly monitors and measures the security levels of all IT resources (hardware, software and human resources), anticipates and manages vulnerability and risk situations. Contributes to the dissemination of a culture of awareness and safety by systematically providing information and training to users.

National reference figure (Art.2 and Annex G DM MIUR 03/08/11)

Senior Architectural and Infrastructure Technician for Communication Systems – TS CYBERSECURITY SPECIALIST


Approved operations by Decree no. 13135GRFVG dd.19.09.2022

  • Assesses information security risks, threats and consequences and takes appropriate action
  • Implements, configures and manages security tools
  • Identifies and manages security vulnerabilities
  • Monitors security developments to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of information security processes and controls
  • Proactively assess new threats and counter potential information security incidents
  • Implements security techniques on all or part of an application, process, network or system within the area of responsibility
  • Languages: C#, .NET, C, Python
  • DB: Postgres, MSSQL, DB noSQL, Time Series DB
  • Web development: Html, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET web API
  • Networking connectivity and protocols
  • Security: techniques and methodologies
  • Notebook on loan free of charge for the duration of the course (indicative features: Display 15”, Core i7, RAM 16GB SSD 512GB)
  • Personal account Google Workspace ( with access to all Google services
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services accounts for access to related cloud services and resources
  • Possibility of scholarships, accommodation, international mobility grants and catering services through ARDIS call for applications (
  • Voucher for female students to reimburse annual tuition fees (if in good standing)


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