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Senior Smart Production Technician 2022-2024

About this course

What is Smart Production?

SMART PRODUCTION refers to the production model of the Intelligent Factory, digitised, interconnected in all its processes, not only in production, and governable even remotely, thanks to the use of ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES, which allow total integration between the technological areas of mechanics, electronics and information technology.

The main enabling technologies that make INTELLIGENT FACTORY possible are automation and advanced robotics, additive manufacturing (3D printers), smart sensors and Internet of Things applications for industry (IIoT), cyber security, rapid prototyping systems and process simulation, data acquisition and processing (Big Data, Data Analytics and Cloud computing).

The objective of SMART PRODUCTION is to make possible the integration of all production factors, plants, information systems and people, in order to optimise the entire production chain and realise truly ‘smart’ processes, products and services.

Why is this important?

The positive effects of the application of enabling technologies 4.0 can be summarized in the following elements:

  • improved productivity through flexibility in reconfiguring production systems and facilities;
  • ability to produce small batches at the same cost as large-scale production, meeting customers’ specific product customisation needs;
  • speed and flexibility in product design and engineering thanks to rapid prototyping systems integrated with 3D printing, which allow not only a reduction in the time to go to market with new products, but also to innovate the product itself;
  • digitisation of procurement systems in logistics (supply system management, orders, warehouse);
  • reducing energy consumption and optimising the use of raw materials with a view to environmental and business sustainability.

The profile: in brief

It develops solutions for optimising processes and production factors (particularly in the wood, plastics and glass sectors) by applying enabling technologies and automation systems, according to Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing and digital logics, with a view to continuous improvement and sustainability.


It contributes to the optimisation of production processes by applying techniques based on lean manufacturing and 4.0 enabling technologies, which allow for the integrated management of automated, digitised and interconnected systems, with particular reference to processing in the wood-furniture, plastics and glass sectors. They possess mechatronic skills, which include the ability to solve production problems at a multidisciplinary level, necessary for programming industrial automation systems. Using CAD and rapid prototyping systems. Through timely data collection and analysis, it participates in projects to improve productivity, quality, safety and energy efficiency, with a view to eliminating waste and reducing costs.

National reference figure (Art.2 and Annex G DM MIUR 03/08/11)

Senior technician for automation and mechatronic systems – TS SMART PRODUCTION


Approved operations by Decree no. 13135GRFVG dd.19.09.2022

  • Manages production flows in terms of planning, control and cost-effectiveness, also in relation to industrialisation, continuous improvement and environmental and energy sustainability logics
  • Programming industrial automation systems
  • Uses design, prototyping and industrialisation techniques (design for manufacturing)
  • Uses routine and predictive maintenance systems for production and plant control
  • Manages quality control steps along the entire production process through data acquisition and analysis
  • Contributes to the introduction of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies in the company
  • 3D design, rendering and prototyping software
  • Software for PLCs and CNC machines
  • IoT applications and Industry 4.0
  • Machine learning applications
  • Digital applications for data monitoring and analysis
  • Notebook on loan free of charge for the duration of the course
  • Personal account Google Workspace ( with access to all Google services
  • Possibility of scholarships, accommodation, international mobility grants and catering services through ARDIS call for applications (
  • Voucher for female students to reimburse annual tuition fees (if in good standing)


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