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Senior Web Analytics Technician 2022-2024

About this course

What are Metaverse and Web Analytics?

Although to date it is more of an idea than a concrete reality, the Metaverse is appearing on the market and in everyday life with overwhelming clarity. It presents itself as a new world merging physical and virtual, with an unprecedented level of interoperability, where blockchain technology and 3D and immersive graphics play a key role. The Metaverse, however, is ‘only’ an extension of the real world and of digital interactions on the web, and is born not only out of technological development, but also out of the analysis of user data and behaviour and the personalisation and profiling algorithms that are based on them.
It is essentially about marketing, whether in the real or virtual world. A promotion, a marketing campaign is measured on results and results need data. Marketing and all digital economic activities, i.e. experienced through the web, have the great advantage of being directly and intrinsically measurable. That is, the activities developed on the web are in themselves a source and production of data and information. Number of visitors, Bounce rate, Click path, Hit, Click-through Rate, are data that the user produces and that web systems record and store.

Why is this important?

The analysis of data, needs and customer characteristics is not a stand-alone process, developed separately by specialists and statisticians. On the contrary, they are the measurement, the indispensable feedback for designing a web marketing campaign and strategy. Digital communication is a unified process that implies an in-depth knowledge of how to construct the message, but at the same time of the medium through which the message is conveyed: ‘The media is the message’, in the words of Marshall McLuhan.
How a website works and is built, how to achieve a better UX, the user experience with the web, what are the communication and information organisation strategies and, finally, techniques for analysing first the characteristics and needs of customers and then the results of web interactions. These are the challenges and skills that companies, through web agencies and integrated communication companies, seek to maintain and strengthen their ability to sell and compete.

The profile: in brief

Plans and manages a brand’s marketing and digital communication, analysing and evaluating customer access and user experience on the web and social media.


A role that structures marketing and digital communication skills with web technologies and statistical analysis. They participate in the different stages of digital marketing activities, starting from the analysis of the competitive environment, to the design of communication strategies via online platforms, and finally focusing on the analysis and evaluation of results. In particular, they have consolidated expertise on the entire web analytics process and autonomously and effectively manage sources, metrics, methods and tools for analysis and reporting.

National reference figure (Art.2 and Annex G DM MIUR 03/08/11)



Approved operations by Decree no. 13135GRFVG dd.19.09.2022

  • Collaborates on competitive and marketing analyses
  • Collaborates in defining integrated communication and digital marketing strategies
  • Interfaces and collaborates with web development and visual communication teams
  • Defines the architecture, presentation and content organisation of the site and social channels
  • Produces functional prototypes or functional specifications ready to be developed by the front-end development team
  • Applies sentiment analysis techniques on web and social channels
  • Using data-driven approaches and methods:
    • reports data on AdWords and other campaigns
    • interprets the results by making them meaningful to the customer
    • draws up clear and comprehensive reports on the activities carried out
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing SEM
  • Google Analytics
  • Web: HTML5+CSS, javascript, CMS
  • Project management: Git, Agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum), Trello, Google Suite
  • Notebook on loan free of charge for the duration of the course (indicative features: Display 15”, Core i7, RAM 16GB SSD 512GB)
  • Personal account Google Workspace ( with access to all Google services
  • Possibility of scholarships, accommodation, international mobility grants and catering services through ARDIS call for applications (
  • Voucher for female students to reimburse annual tuition fees (if in good standing)


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