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Specialisation areas

More training areas to guarantee more opportunities

The training offer of ITS Alto Adriatico is divided into different specialisation areas, developed according to the skills currently most in demand by companies and the evolution of industrial technology scenarios.

Software Architectures and Data Management Area

The development of applications relating to both Cloud and 4.0 production and energy management and web-based interfaces that enhance user experience

Cloud Development Senior Technician

Back-end developers for web-based applications using Artificial Intelligence, specially designed and created for the Cloud.

4.0 Digital solutions Senior Technician

Back-end developers specialising in applications for controlling production processes and energy systems with 4.0 technologies.

Front-end Developer

Developers of web-based interfaces (websites, portals, web apps…) that optimise usability and user experience, taking into account the needs of the customer and the purpose of the product.

Architectures and Systems Area

Management of IT resources, processes and information: cybersecurity, DevOps, data management and data analysis

Cybersecurity Senior Technician

Security professionals, i.e. people who configure and constantly monitor IT systems. They will also be responsible for spreading a culture of awareness to ensure the security and reliability of an organisation’s infrastructure, services and data.

Digital and Creative Content Area

The analysis and interpretation of web and social data for the optimisation of companies' digital communication strategies

Web Analytics Senior Technician

A professional in the analysis and interpretation of data for digital marketing, according to user experience statistics and the definition of specific KPIs in the web and social sphere, to improve brand communication strategies and performance.

Digital Transformation Area

The design and development of systems dedicated to the use of the metaverse and the digital twins in production environments

Metaverse and Digital Twins Senior Technician

ICT and IOT (Internet of Things) systems designer and developer specialising in the implementation of metaverse and digital twins solutions in production contexts (virtual factories).

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