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For companies and with companies

Our teaching is carried out in full cooperation with companies, which to all intents and purposes provide us with an irreplaceable contribution, both in terms of understanding exactly on which professional figures to focus our resources, and in terms of the placement opportunities that companies offer our students, as well as their fundamental contribution to the development of our education system.

Your company can cooperate with us

Your company is a valuable ally for us in the selection and evaluation of trainees, in the design of training courses, and in the search for and supply of teachers, tutors and figures with particular experience in certain contexts and in-depth knowledge of specific subjects. Your company can also provide its expertise in assigning project assignments and verifying their actual applicability and also decide to provide equipped spaces and workshops for course-related activities.

Your company can host an internship

We offer our trainees internships at companies as a completion of their training programme, which represent an important moment of concrete application, ‘in the field’, of the knowledge acquired in the classroom and the experience gained in the workshop. Specifically, we only ask the company for a commitment to provide its own in-house tutor, who, in cooperation with one of our tutors, facilitates the intern’s learning.

Your company can offer employment

Is your company looking for new resources with a high level of specialised training and in line with the most advanced needs of the sector in which it operates? Our graduates are definitely the answer. Consider that they may possibly also be hired under the professional apprenticeship scheme, which is for young people between the ages of 18 and 29.

If your company would like to propose itself as our collaborator or receive information on our new graduates, please contact us. We will take care to answer you as soon as possible.