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The value of specialisation

Become a specialist among the most sought-after by companies

Do you have a high school diploma? Then you can participate in the selections for our technical specialisation courses. Why do we choose? Because ITS courses are limited in number: they can accommodate a maximum of 30 students each.

The usefulness of a practical approach

Our approach to teaching is very hands-on.  In the vast majority of cases, the lecturers come from the world of work, which is why they know very well what you need in order to be successful.

The advantage of a short course and internships abroad with Erasmus+

2 academic years, 2,000 hours in total, including 800 hours of internships in companies in the sector, also abroad through the Erasmus+ project, which offers people of all ages the opportunity to develop and share knowledge, skills and experience European mobility.
What you learn with us you immediately put into practice, using your time in a truly productive way.

Getting straight into work

La scelta vincente per il tuo futuro

We collaborate with companies and companies collaborate with us, pointing out the job profiles they need: with us you are sure to quickly find a job consistent with your specialisation.  The internship is an important opportunity to gain professional experience and make yourself known to companies. In several cases, the company where the internship takes place is the same company for which a course lecturer works.

Acquiring expendable skills

The professional figures trained by our institute are part of the documents of the National Reference Figures for professional qualifications and diplomas.

Hold a Higher Technical Diploma - EQF level V

By attending 80% of the total number of teaching hours and passing the final State Examination, you obtain the Higher Technical Diploma, indicating the technological area and the national reference figure. The qualification corresponds to level V of the European Qualification Framework – EQF (between high school diploma and Bachelor’s degree).

Have a valid title throughout Europe

The Higher Technical Diploma issued by our institute is spendable abroad as it includes the Europass Diploma Supplement, official document that can help you present your qualifications throughout Europe.

And furthermore

The only ITS in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto with an ICT focus

1 dedicated tutor supervises students and liaises with teachers

800 hours of internships in growing companies

Notebook provided for each student

Possibility of obtaining interviews with companies during the course of study

5th level of the European Qualifications Framework

The annual cost per student ranges from 300 to 500 euros

80% of the lecturers come from ICT companies

Specialising is the best option.

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