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Cloud Development Senior Technician 2023-2025

About this course

What is the Cloud Development Senior Technician?

The Technician Superior Cloud Developer is a highly specialised training course dedicated to the development of technical and practical skills in the field of cloud computing, with particular reference to the development of cloud-based applications, data management on cloud platforms and IT security.


Students have the opportunity to acquire skills in areas such as designing scalable cloud-based solutions, developing applications based on cloud technologies, managing cloud infrastructures and using IT security tools.


The technological environment in which the professional Cloud Developer works is constantly evolving, with new technologies and services emerging all the time. An in-depth knowledge of cloud architecture and services, as well as of the technologies and tools used to develop cloud-based applications and solutions, is required. In addition to these specific skills, the Cloud Developer must also have a good knowledge of programming languages and web technologies, such as Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, HTML and CSS.


The professional figure coming out of the Cloud Development Senior Technician course performs the following operational activities:

  • Back-end developer specialising in web-based business applications that exploit and optimise cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Designs and implements the database and software interfaces to access and manage information and big data through cloud services and infrastructure.
  • To ensure the effectiveness, performance, scalability, security and timely deployment of applications, the Cloud Developer uses the latest development technologies: noSQL databases, APIs and microservices, design patterns, neural networks and machine learning algorithms, architectural decoupling, devops and container orchestration.
  • Uses Agile methodologies to manage all phases of the implementation of an ICT solution as a team: analysis and design, infrastructure development and configuration, testing, deployment and quality.


Courses are activated subject to approval by the FVG Region

  • Designs, develops and engineers individual components for web applications
  • Designs and implements APIs and microservices according to best practice logic
  • Develops enterprise applications in the cloud environment (MS Azure, Amazon WS…)
  • Implements high reliability and high performance software architectures
  • Integrates AI functionality
  • Implements orchestration and deployment automation processes (according to current DevOps logic and tools)
  • Works to ensure the quality of the solution in terms of functionality, documentation and project development and maintenance
  • Knows and manages security issues by applying security by design criteria
  • Collaborates proactively in teams dealing with development and evolutionary maintenance of software solutions also through the application of Agile methodologies
  • Coding: C#, .NET, Python
  • DB: Postgres/MSSQL, noSQL DB
  • Web development: Html5, CSS, Javascript, Node.js
  • Cloud: AWS, MS Azure, Hadoop/Map Reduce, Elastic search, scalability techniques, resilience and load balancing
  • Enterprise development: APIs and microservices; UML; TDD and BDD, usability and testing, security by design, AI applications
  • Deployment: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Project management: Git, Agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum), Trello, Google Suite

The developer is by far the most sought-after job profile in the ICT market. Can be hired by:

  • software houses, particularly oriented towards the development of enterprise applications
  • IT consultancy and IT services companies
  • Internet service providers
  • system integrators
  • ICT departments of typically medium to large industrial or service companies

The typical position is cloud developer or back-end developer. However, the skills acquired, also in relation to personal preferences and inclinations, and professional experience enable the evolution towards:

  • front-end developer, full stack developer, web app developer, mobile developer
  • database admin, data specialist
  • cloud specialist, cloud architect
  • dev ops specialist
  • sysadmin, cybersecurity specialist
  • Notebook on loan free of charge for the duration of the course (indicative features: 15″ display, Core i7, RAM 16GB SSD 512GB)
  • Personal Google Workspace account ( with access to all Google services
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services accounts for access to related cloud services and resources
  • Possibility of scholarships, accommodation, international mobility grants and catering services through ARDIS call for applications (
  • Voucher for female students to reimburse annual tuition fees (if regularly attending)


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